Uses & Applications

AmCorCo’s products can be utilized on Soil treatments, Oil spills, chemical spills, and more!

Soil Treatment, gives higher yeild.

  1. Apply AMCOR SORBE evenly across area of contamination; spot treat any pooled oil until Completely absorbed.
  2. Using a rake or rotary tiller, till treated soil to an average depth of 4 to 6 inches. This will incorporate AMCOR SORBE in to the soil as well as provide essential oxygen.
  3. Monitor soil moisture content at regular intervals, depending of climate. Soil should not be allowed to completely dry out at any time during the process.
  4. AMCOR SORBE contains essential nutrients, which naturally enhance bioremediation. However, affected soil should be tested to determine the need for additional nutrients or fertilizers.
  5. For best results, soil pH should remain within 5.5 to 7.0.
  6. Periodic tilling will insure ample oxygen supply.

Hard Surface Spill Treatment

This is a better solution to protect our world with the best bio-remediation and absorption products.

Spread enough AMCOR SORBE on the spill, enough to fully cover it until it is absorbed. In windy conditions, spread upwind and more across the spill downwind at a height no more than 6 inches from surface. You can leave AMCOR SORBE on the spill for up to 20 minutes until it is fully absorbed or you can agitate the AMCOR SORBE on the spill and watch it dry faster, usually within 5 minutes. Sweep up, place in suitable container and dispose of according to regulations.

Please note, AMCOR SORBE does not only absorb hazardous chemicals but it is also a highly efficient VAPOR SUPPRESSOR. It also neutralizes the flammability of Gasoline, Diesel and Jet Fuels once it is absorbed by AMCOR SORBE making it safer to dispose of.

Meets or exceeds Coast Guards requirements for usage of natural absorbent.

Due to variety of liquid and chemicals involved in spills, we cannot recommend disposal procedures. However, AMCOR SORBE can be incinerated or land farmed in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.

With governments increased concern over the environment, the laws protecting the environment are becoming stricter each year. Our products provide a NATURAL BIOREMEDIATION and ABSORBENT SOLUTIONS.

AMCOR SORBE crops are grown using low input sustainable agriculture and meets Executive Order 13101 identifying our products as environmentally preferable for Government Purchasing.

The Environmentally friendly Alternative. Not harmful to the environment, NO depletion of natural resources. THE BEST granular organic absorbent product available.

SUPERIOR performance and bio-degradable. The LOWER cost solution for more efficient clean up of land, water and hard surface spills and for restoring contaminated sites.

Tank Battery Site Bioremediation

Site Description and Soil Sampling

In situ bioremediation using AMCOR SORBE on a TPH-contaminated tank battery site would require documentation, when a tank battery site has an underground pipeline rupture which contaminated soil with crude oil and salt water and the soil was composed of clay, silt, and sand. The site had previously, and would continues to be, treated for salt damage with LCA II. All areas of TPH contamination would need to be identified.

Areas should be covered with AMCOR SORBE would be evenly distributed, and tilled. All the areas would need to be disked and on day 8. Soil samples would be analyzed for TPH by gas chromatography using U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Method 3540/8015M. Soil samples would need to be tested for TPH prior to AMCOR SORB treatment, and also on days 5, 10, 13, 19, 24, and 74.


An initial soil sample for your site would need a composite taken from the identified area. The sample analyzed would need to be determined to contain any TPH and on day 5 sample showed the TPH level to be 14,500 mg/kg, an 86% reduction. And on day 10, the TPH should show 11,100 mg/kg, an 89% reduction from the initial level.

Water Contaminant Treatment

1. Hydrophobic material which separates itself from water and remains afloat, making it easy to remove.
2. When Oil spillage occurs on bodies of water, spread the AMCOR SORBE over the spillage either manually or mechanically.
3. Wait for 5 minutes for the microbes to absorb the spill.
4. Use a skimmer to colect the absorbent and it is ready for disposal.
5. The Treated water will no longer bear any trace of oil.
6. AMCOR SORBE can absorb not only the crude oil but also gasoline, diesel, ATF, lubricant, grease and any other hydrocarbon.
7. Amcor Sorbe meets or exceeds Cost Guard requirements for usage of natural absorbent