Accidents happen,
We have the solution!

Amcor Sorbe will elimnate chemical spills on both land and sea.  Live microbes will consume the chemical and convert to H2O and CO2.  Amcor Sorbe is  a safer, cleaner, and more efficient cleanup product and process, saving you time and money.

Amcor Sorbe for Oil spills

Amcor Sorbe, a product by AmCorCo, is manufactured from the dry stalk of a unique plant. The plant absorbent products are intended for oil spills on land, water, or hard surfaces such as floors.

There are indigenous microbes in the plants that feed on hydrocarbons and harmful carcinogens only that promote bioremediation. The Microbes in Amcor Sorbe are GOOD microbes. They help clean up pollution faster, cheaper, and better than any other product.

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AmCorCo Oil Remediation Agent

The good Microbes

AMCOR SORBE Microbes are very good because they clean-up polluted water and soil.  These combinations of good microbes can even help farmers grow bigger yield of  crops without fertilizers that harm the environment.

Soil Treatment

Basic procedure for soil treatment utilizing AMCOR SORBE as an agent to provide essential nutrients, oxygen, and much more.

Oil spill treatment

AMCOR Sorbe absorbs hazardous chemicals and efficiently supresses the vapor fumes to neutralize the flammability of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel. 

Water contaminant Treatment

AMCOR Sorbe’s procedure for water contaminant treatment utilizing it’s hydrophobic properties to provide a easy cleanup process.

Why Choose AmCorCo?

AmCorCo’s products provide a wide range of use cases while still providing the high quality results.

Mechanical spills

AmCorCo's products can be used on hard surfaces for a variety of chemical spills.

Oil spill treatment

Incorporated into Oil spills, AmCorCo's products can mitigate the spread of particles and prevent further damage.

Agriculture friendly

Amcor Sorbe, a product of AmCorCo, provices esential oxygen and essential nutrients to enhance bioremediation.

Safe water treatments

Amcor Sorbe floats to the surface to provide a safer lasting product and ease in the cleanup process.

Fire prevention

AmCor Sorbe supresses vapor fumes to neutralize emissions from gasoline, diesel, and much more.

Environmental friendly

The microbes converts the chemicals into carbon and water. Excess converts to protein to be natually broken down.

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