About Us

AmCorCo’s core focus is to accelerate the adoption of AmCorCo’s products and empower integration and execution, enabling fast-track solutions to Oil spills, chemical cleanups, and to provide a more efficient process for the environment.

drop, splash, drip

Our story

Kimberli Bruce was born in Vietnam and recalls when she would have to walk to the far side of the island to sit by stones to catch drips of drinking water. It would take an entire day just to catch 4 three-gallon buckets of potable water for her family. Drinking water is not only scarce in other countries; it is scarce in our own country, the United States. AmCorCo was formed with the help of Kimberli Bruce, Duon Miller, & Erick Mann in order to provide a solution to the natural disasters and oil spill plaguing the oceans. In order to achieve this goal, they have crafted a product that is not only, eco-friendly, but also consistant in extracting the oil sentiments, and other contaminants, from the water. Also providing a safer, cleaner, and ecofriendly cleanup process. 

Our Team

Our team are industry leaders for 40+ years in combined experience in entrepreneurship and innovation. AmCorCo’s focus is to introduce a new solution to oil spill & chemical spill cleanups in an eco-friendly manner. We can only achieve our goal with the best talent. Meet our team.

Kimberli Bruce

Chief Executive Officer Kimberli.B@AmCorCo.com

Duon Miller

Chief Financial Officer Duon.Miller@AmCorCo.com

Erick Mann

Chief Operating Officer

Our Mission

Our mission is to conserve our water resource by providing the state of the art bioremediation for chemical spill cleanups.

Our Vision

Our vision is to supply a solution that can be used globally to produce a safer & lasting environment through the execution of superior oil & chemical spill cleanup products.