Soil Treatment

Basic Procedure for soil treatment

  1. Apply AMCOR SORBE evenly across area of contamination; spot treat any pooled oil until Completely absorbed.
  2. Using a rake or rotary tiller, till treated soil to an average depth of 4 to 6 inches. This will incorporate AMCOR SORBE in to the soil as well as provide essential oxygen.
  3. Monitor soil moisture content at regular intervals, depending of climate. Soil should not be allowed to completely dry out at any time during the process.
  4. AMCOR SORBE contains essential nutrients, which naturally enhance bioremediation. However, affected soil should be tested to determine the need for additional nutrients or fertilizers.
  5. For best results, soil pH should remain within 5.5 to 7.0.
  6. Periodic tilling will insure ample oxygen supply.


NOTE:  A 2 cu.ft. Bag of AMCOR SORBE can treat and bioremediate a 75 square meter of contaminated soil.