Kimberli Bruce

Title: Chief Executive Officer



Kimberli Bruce
Title: Chief Executive Officer
Phone: (832-457-3866

I was born in Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam War and immigrated to the United States in 1982 at the age of 9. From 5 years of age, I can recall when my older sister and I would walk all the way to the far side of the island to sit by stones to catch drips of drinking water that came from the earth. It would take an entire day just to catch 4 three-gallon buckets of potable water. Drinkable water is not only scarce in other countries; it is scarce in our own country, the United States.
Years after learning English and becoming accustomed to the States, my parents could not afford to put all 12 of my siblings and myself through college, so I supported myself through college and worked as a waitress. By the age of 19, I was managing a restaurant with 200+ employees because I had learned to be an effective, observant leader. Since then, I have had a family, ran a few successful businesses, and been the executive chef of my own sushi restaurant. I have learned first-hand how much waste and oil is flushed into our sewer system to become part of our water cycle. Most of us would not even drink the water from our kitchen faucet.
When I found out about what AMCORCO can do to help our environment and our water sources, I was all on board. I am proud to be part of AMCORCO because we are here to contribute to cleaning up our environment by cleaning and purifying the water in the oceans, lakes, rivers, and kitchens of our world. I believe the planet knows that every effort counts and has the potential to transform us and our environment for the better.

Duon Miller

Title: Chief Financial Officer


Phone: (713) 367-9701


Born Miami, Florida in 1953; An University of Hartford Undergraduate Studied General Business & Marketing
I.O.L.Prep School Class of 1971 Avon, Ct
Business Consultant, Specializing In Start Ups, Selecting Key Managerial People for Business Development. Merchant Services Consultation with FirstData, Veritransllc. P.O.S. Merchant Services with a focus,Energy Related Services w/ AmeriPower, Option New Energy/O.N.E. as a Commercial Energy Auditor, Commodities Broker
Former V.P. of Duon Inc. of Dayton, Ohio and Coral Gables, Florida 1986 Resided in Florida, Connecticut, Ohio and Texas

Erick Mann

Title: Director of Operations International


Phone: (832) 245-4351


A native Houstonian Erick Mann has become one of the worlds most recognized businessmen, consultant to many world Leaders and business community.

In addition to personal consultations, Mr. Mann has a long tenure as a guest speaker, lecturer, spokesperson, for many products and company’s, as well as being a recognized Radio/Television Personality on over 400 Stations nationwide and WTN internationally Broadcast Worldwide for many National and International programs.

Even though his career has been centered around Beverly Hills and Houston, Mr. Mann has become known around the world as a leading consultant.

His impressive consultant client list is, but not limited to such as:
President George H. W. Bush
King Juan Carlos
King Faisal
King Fahd
Margaret Thatcher
Consulate Generals
Chairman Lee of SAMSUNG
Lee Iacoca
Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, lll

In addition, Mr. Mann continues to inspire others on the Environment of Oil Spill Remediation clean up, consulting companies on The Best In – Class Oil Absorbent at AMCORCO

Having been written up internationally in Periodicals:
Chicago Tribune
Houston Chronicle
Houston Post
Globe Magazine

Mr. Mann, provokes the upward and outward journey for the Environment to a remarkable change in the Oil and Gas Industry.

“It’s not whom he say’s he is, but his clients who say he is”

Erick Mann,
“I want to thank all of you for your trust. At AmCorCo Corporation we strive to redefine the highest standards of excellence, when nothing else is acceptable!”